fishmarkets of yesteryear

  • Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Brixham

    Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Brixham

    28th January 2016

    Martin Johns looks back on former fishmarkets at Brixham. Situated on the South Devon coast, in close proximity to Berry Head, Brixham has long been a key fishmarket of both local and national importance. Today, as one of the main…

  • Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Lowestoft

    Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Lowestoft

    14th January 2016

    For decades Lowestoft was one of the leading ports in the UK, with large quantities of fish being sold on the market floor daily before being delivered by local processors by rail to a number of locations. One of the…

  • Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Newlyn

    Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Newlyn

    17th December 2015

    Situated at the south-west tip of Britain in close proximity to inshore and offshore grounds near Lands’ End, yielding a wide variety of catches, Newlyn harbour has a longstanding and proud tradition of being a prominent fishing port. Newlyn today…

  • Fishmarkets of yesteryear: Scarborough

    Fishmarkets of yesteryear: Scarborough

    19th November 2015

    Until only 20 years ago, Scarborough was one of the leading whitefish landing ports on the East Coast of England. Above: Buyers evaluate the contents of traditional wooden fish boxes on Scarborough fishmarket in October 1984. As this selection of interesting…

  • Fishmarkets of yesteryear: Peterhead

    Fishmarkets of yesteryear: Peterhead

    5th November 2015

    Above: Lossiemouth skipper William Smith’s 85ft seiner Sunbeam INS 189 had the distinction of being the first boat to land into the new extension to Peterhead’s fishmarket. Built at Peterhead by Richard Irvin, and agented by Grampian Sea Fishing, Sunbeam…

  • Fishmarkets of yesteryear: Herring

    Fishmarkets of yesteryear: Herring

    17th September 2015

    At a time when midwater trawlers from Co Down, north-east Scotland and Shetland are fishing herring in both the Irish Sea and North Sea, it is appropriate to select ‘silver darlings’ as the theme for this month’s Fishmarkets of Yesteryear.…


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