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  • Shetland welcomes new Prolific

    Shetland welcomes new Prolific

    20th July 2023

    The latest addition to Shetland’s fishing fleet – the 24.9m Prolific LK 986 – arrived home to Lerwick just before midnight on Thursday, 6 July, after a 3,000-mile, 17-day delivery trip from Croatia. The new vessel is an identical sistership…

  • New Altaire arrives in Shetland

    New Altaire arrives in Shetland

    13th July 2023

    The new Altaire LK 429 arrived in Lerwick on the morning of Saturday, 1 July, after completion by Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen. Speaking onboard later in the day, skipper Chris Duncan described his new command as ‘top class’. At 80m,…

  • New boats: Grateful FR 249 and Venture III BF 326

    New boats: Grateful FR 249 and Venture III BF 326

    31st July 2017

    Grateful – new 70m midwater trawler arrives at Fraserburgh The new midwater trawler Grateful FR 249 berthed in Fraserburgh harbour for the first time last week, 36 hours after skipper William Whyte and his crew left Skagen, Denmark, at the…

  • Upgrading and lengthening Antarctic II

    Upgrading and lengthening Antarctic II

    17th July 2017

    The Whalsay midwater trawler Antarctic II LK 145 is currently undergoing an extensive vessel upgrade and lengthening project at the Vard Langsten Shipyard in Tomrefjord, to the south of Molde, Norway, reports David Linkie. Above: The new look Antarctic II back…

  • Four new Parkol builds

    Four new Parkol builds

    6th July 2017

    Whitby boatbuilder Parkol Marine Engineering currently has four new fishing vessels in varying stages of build, marking a significant first, reports David Linkie. Above: Framing the engineroom section of a 26m pair-seiner, similar to Victory Rose. Fabrication work in progress for…

  • Boat news: March 2017

    Boat news: March 2017

    16th March 2017

    CFL Hunter – advanced diesel-electric longliner for Falklands Islands Above: CFL Hunter ready for launch at the Nodosa shipyard – and the month-long delivery trip to the Falkland Islands. The recent launch of the 59.5m state-of-the-art freezer longliner CFL Hunter FK…

  • Building for the future: new over 15m boats – part 1

    Building for the future: new over 15m boats – part 1

    26th February 2016

    The number of new over 15m boats currently on order is at the highest level since the millennium. In the next two years, nearly 20 new bespoke builds are scheduled to join the UK fleet. This number of new boats…


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