• New Issue: Fishing News 19.11.20

    New Issue: Fishing News 19.11.20

    18th November 2020

        – £1M for Scots prawn group – Millionth box of whitefish landed at Peterhead – Scientific advice for 2021 emerges on some stocks – Brexit ‘deal to be done’, says PM – Scots leaders warn PM: no-deal Brexit…

  • £1m for Scots prawn group

    £1m for Scots prawn group

    16th November 2020

    £1m to support new Scots prawn working group Move to develop strategy for struggling sector The Scottish government has granted £1m to a new ‘resilience group’ that is being set up to support the Scottish Nephrops sector through the coronavirus…

  • New Issue: Fishing News 24.09.20

    New Issue: Fishing News 24.09.20

    22nd September 2020

      – Prawn sector needs help – New-look Beryl fishes her first trip – DEFRA: Supertrawlers ‘don’t damage seabed in MPAs’ – High stakes in Brexit talks – French vessel detained at Plymouth – Industry views needed on fishing vessel…

  • Prawn sector needs help  

    Prawn sector needs help  

    21st September 2020

    Scots leaders press for help for prawn sector   Little prospect of early market recovery   Scottish industry leaders are exploring with the Scottish government ways to help the struggling Nephrops sector, reports Tim Oliver. Demand plummeted due to Covid-19,…

  • New Issue: Fishing News 28.05.20

    New Issue: Fishing News 28.05.20

    26th May 2020

      – Prawn market oversupplied – No progress in latest Brexit talks – UK sets out its Brexit fisheries stall – French warning on Dutch fishing effort – Call for campaign to boost domestic demand – Brixham beamer broken up…

  • Prawn market oversupplied

    Prawn market oversupplied

    25th May 2020

    POs and processors in prawn supply and demand talks Efforts to find ‘acceptable outcome for all concerned’ UK POs say that a reduction in effort and output is needed in the prawn fishery to balance supply and demand in the…

  • Socially distanced prawn party in Ullapool supports local fleet

    Socially distanced prawn party in Ullapool supports local fleet

    6th May 2020

    Children’s marine conservation charity Ullapool Sea Savers held a community-wide prawn party to support local fishermen and boost morale last weekend. The Sea Savers has a record of successful campaigning on marine issues. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, it received a…

  • New Issue: Fishing News 13.02.20

    New Issue: Fishing News 13.02.20

    11th February 2020

      – Scots prawn grounds probe – Huge Westminster support for industry – MMO offers reassurance on U10 catch app concerns – EU stance on fisheries set to toughen – Lords press for onboard cameras – Danish fishermen protest at…

  • Scots prawn grounds probe

    Scots prawn grounds probe

    10th February 2020

    Win-win for Scots prawn creel and trawl fleets Gains for both if access redistributed, says new research A new report from Marine Scotland on the Scottish Nephrops (prawn) fishery says there could be economic gains for the Nephrops fleet if…

  • New Issue: Fishing News 31.10.19

    New Issue: Fishing News 31.10.19

    29th October 2019

      – Pulse ban challenge – MMO increases enforcement capabilities – Brexit delayed – again – Whitby Commercial Fishermen’s Association formed – £15.4m funding boost for English industry – TAC cuts planned for 40 stocks – Concerns of N Ireland…


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