• Avian flu gives gannets ‘black eyes’

    Avian flu gives gannets ‘black eyes’

    15th May 2023

    At present it’s not known if this has any impact on their vision, or their ability to hunt fish successfully, but researchers were unable during the study to see any behavioural differences in the birds. Normally a pale blue colour…

  • NGOs call for more cuts in fishing to save climate

    NGOs call for more cuts in fishing to save climate

    23rd August 2021

    Record stocks ‘disprove claims of overfishing’ Scottish industry leaders have hit out angrily at calls by a coalition of leading green groups for the Scottish government to reduce bottom trawling and introduce a raft of other restrictive measures to fight…

  • Green pressure on Scots

    Green pressure on Scots

    31st August 2020

    Greens push for radical changes in Scottish fisheries   SFF: Report ‘not realistic and wrong approach’ Leading green groups have made calls for more highly protected marine areas in Scottish waters, low-impact fishing by 2021, restrictions on heavy mobile gear…


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