Summer Rose

  • New builds October/November 2017

    New builds October/November 2017

    1st November 2017

    Shetland owners order new 75m midwater trawler Zephyr Whalsay skipper Allister Irvine and partners of the Zephyr Fishing Company Ltd have signed a contract with Larsnes Mekaniske Verksted AS to build a new 75.4m midwater trawler for delivery in the…

  • Summer Rose load-out

    Summer Rose load-out

    25th October 2017

    The fully-completed hull of a new design of automated scalloper was launched into the River Tees at Middlesbrough last week, after being built for the Star Fishing Company of Oban by MacDonald Offshore & Marine, under sub-contract to Parkol Marine…


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