Fish Processor of the Year

This award recognises the UK or Irish fish processor that has shown outstanding support for the commercial fishing industry in 2018. In particular, we are looking for evidence of the use of industry best practice, technological innovation, and excellence of service.


Hodgson Fish, Hartlepool

Hodgson Fish is a family-run fish processing operation based in Hartlepool. It has grown and developed in an ever-changing industry to establish a reputation as a processing team that has quality and service at the heart of its business. From supplying mainly whiting, haddock, cod and plaice in its early days, its range has grown substantially, to now include tuna, swordfish, scallops, bream, sea bass and many more. The company’s fully-qualified filleters skin, scale, steak and pin-bone any fish to customers’ specific requirements, for daily delivery throughout the north of England by its fleet of modern refrigerated vehicles.

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Midland Fish Co Ltd Fleetwood

Midland Fish processes fish for the fish and chip shop trade, and the business now employs up to 38 people at its factory on Fleetwood fish docks. Over the years, Fleetwood has experienced a dramatic and severe decline in fish landings. To counter that, the company has built up excellent working relationships, especially in Scotland, Ireland and the Shetland Islands, from where it buys fish daily. Because of the great skill and dedication of its staff, the company produces some of the finest, freshest fish fillets and products for its expanding customer base.

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More Seafood Brixham

More Seafood in Brixham was started by the Passmore family, and has developed a specialist team of local professionals within the industry. The company now processes scallops from its own fleet of vessels – Emulate BM 1, Speculate BD 1 and Sea Image BM 2 – as well as taking scallops from other landing boats. It also supplies fish from local markets, both domestically and to European markets. More Seafood has just moved into a new processing plant three times the size of the old building.

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