Fish Processor of the Year

This award recognises the UK or Irish fish processor that has shown outstanding support to the commercial fishing industry in 2017. In particular, we are looking for evidence of the use of industry best practice, technological innovation, and excellence of service.


Flatfish, Grimsby

Winners in 2016, Flatfish is a family company, founded in 1979, operating from a stall on the Grimsby Pontoon, that now occupies a purpose-built factory, with automated grading and filleting equipment capable of producing 17,000 flatfish fillets per hour at full capacity. Heavy investment in both people and the latest technology has built a processing facility that enables the company to showcase to the major retailers the highest quality fish sourced from the UK fishing fleet. Flatfish is totally committed to upholding the integrity of the supply chain, whether by way of its input as a Processing Panel member at Seafish, its involvement in the Responsible Fishing Scheme, or advocacy of MSC certification across the industry.

Lunar, Peterhead

Based in Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Aberdeen, Lunar Fishing Company provides an end-to-end service, from catching, through processing, to transportation of herring, mackerel and whitefish products. The company’s processing facilities comprise up-to-date pelagic filleting lines for machine-processing herring and mackerel, skilled teams in hand-filleting factories, and automated packing lines and freezing facilities. As one of the major buyers at Peterhead, particularly of NS haddock, the main species sold on the market, Lunar supplies a wide range of products to consumers throughout the UK, as well as processing pelagic fish for customers worldwide.

More Seafoods, Brixham

More Seafoods is a specialist shellfish processor, based in Brixham. Run by the Passmores, a five-generation fishing family, the company provides raw, cooked, fresh and frozen shellfish to a variety of specifications. The family owns the process, from catch to consumer, working not only with fishermen from around the UK, but also close to home, including their own trawler/scalloper, Emulate BM1, which will soon be joined by her sistership Speculate. By concentrating on scallops, crabs, and lobsters, the business has been able to introduce in-house innovations to speed up the production process, including the capability to wash 70 scallops a minute by hand, significantly more than the previous average of six shells.

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