Awards Sponsors

The 2020 Fishing News Awards would not be possible without the generous support of our valued sponsors and supporters.

Sunderland Marine Insurance

Established in 1882, Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Ltd has been providing marine insurance for over 130 years. Sunderland Marine’s highly qualified and knowledgeable teams of underwriters, surveyors and claims staff ensure that clients are provided with high levels of service and comprehensive insurance policies.

Sunderland Marine is also at the forefront of promoting safety at sea and regularly contributes to and sponsors training programmes in the UK and overseas.

We are able to offer a full package to our clients to provide for their marine insurance needs. Sunderland Marine covers a wide range of insurances including Hull & Machinery, P&I, Personal Accident and Aquaculture.

Our experienced team of P&I claims handlers are also supported by a worldwide network of legal and adjusting professionals to give the very best service at times of need.

The Scottish White Fish Producers Association Ltd (SWFPA)

Formed in 1943, the SWFPA is the largest fishing association in Scotland. Representing around 260 vessels and 1,400 fishermen, our members contribute £200 million to Scotland’s economy. We are the voice of our members and collate their messages to inform policymakers and other relevant industry figures.

We judge our industry’s wealth, not only by its income, but also by the health of its resources and the well-being of those that work within the sector.

Our goal is to create and maintain a resilient seafood sector; to help our members  invest and plan with confidence. Our members are progressive and at the forefront of innovation.

We deliver our strategy by listening to and engaging with those who operate within the sector to ensure their welfare and wellbeing are protected.

The SWFPA is sponsoring the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020.

The Fishmongers' Company's Fisheries Charitable Trust

Many readers will have visited the grand and historic Fishmongers’ Hall next to London Bridge in the heart of London. Fishmongers’ Hall is owned by The Fishmongers’ Company, which is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London.

For over 700 years, The Fishmongers’ Company has upheld standards in the trading of fish and shellfish, and supported the fisheries industry. The aim of the company today is to promote a healthy, prosperous and sustainable fish and fisheries sector for the longterm benefit of the United Kingdom.

In order to recognise the huge steps already taken by the British fishing industry in making the industry more sustainable, and to encourage further innovation and achievement in this respect, the company has decided to sponsor an annual ‘Sustainability Award’.

Peterhead Port Authority

Peterhead is one of the UK’s most versatile ports, providing exceptional all-weather, congestion-free deepwater berthing facilities at depths of up to 14 metres and serving a broad range of industries including oil and gas, renewables, fishing and leisure.

We are proud of our heritage as the UK’s largest white fish and pelagic (mackerel and herring) port and are building on our reputation as a traditional centre of excellence for both fishing fleets by providing a full range of constantly updated modern quayside services including on-site fish market, ice and water plants, fuel supplies, and ship repair and maintenance at our slipway, syncrolift and dry dock.

Peterhead Port Authority is sponsoring the Shellfish Fisherman of the Year Award at the 2020 Fishing News Awards.
Facebook: @PeterheadPortAuthority
Twitter: @PeterheadPort
LinkedIn: Peterhead Port Authority

Seafish logo


Seafish is here to give the UK seafood sector the support it needs to thrive.

We’re a non-departmental public body (NDPB) set up by the Fisheries Act 1981. Our sponsors are the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish devolved administrations.

Using our unique, non-competitive position, we work in partnership with businesses, Government and organisations to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Funded by a levy on the first sale of seafood in the UK, our work makes a huge difference. It keeps fishermen safe, supports sustainable sourcing, helps businesses work efficiently, and boosts the nation’s health. We tackle everything from research to campaigns, insights to training – whatever we can do to give our industry the support it needs. Visit our website or follow us on Twitter @seafishUK and LinkedIn.


WASSP Multibeam

WASSP Multibeam – From Small Beginnings to Global Leader

Helping fishermen find their catch quickly and efficiently, and map their fishing grounds was how a small New Zealand electronics company has become a global giant.

Multibeam Sounder manufacturer WASSP Multibeam is wholly owned by ENL Group, New Zealand’s leading marine electronics company. Founded in 1945, and now with 75 years of experience ENL Group has earned a solid reputation for outstanding service, innovation and supply of quality marine electronic products worldwide.

Such was the strength of ENL in the global market, particularly with their development of WASSP Multibeam that the company joined forces with global marine electronics giant Furuno. The Japanese company taking a ten percent stake holding in 2014.

WASSP was so good that Furuno took it to 29.5% a year later, increasing that in 2018 to a 51% majority shareholding partnering with the ENL Group shareholders – the Hodson family who retained 49%.

With its head office in New Zealand, at the heart of the South Pacific fishing industry, ENL Group & WASSP has also established an office in Maldon, Essex, UK meaning its world leading expertise is at the fingertips of the European commercial fishing industry.

Since its launch, WASSP has seen incredible growth in all areas. WASSP is now distributed in more than 30 countries and has been embraced by the commercial fishing, recreational fishing, mega yacht, hydrographic, professional workboat, navy and coastguard sectors.

We all know, with fishing, habitat is where it’s at. Even if you’re fishing for mid-level schooling fish, the seafloor is the beginning of the food chain.  With WASSP Multibeam, you’ll find fish and relevant habitat over a much wider area than traditional single-beam systems. Plus, detect where hard ground starts and finishes, so you can optimise your fishing operations. You’ll quickly find the WASSP F-Series is purpose-designed for all fishing operations.

Find out more about WASSP and its applications at

The Scottish Fishermen's Federation (SFF)

The SFF is a democratically constituted industry group set up in 1973 and its key aims are:

  • To preserve and promote the collective interests of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation constituent associations.
  • To ensure a viable and sustainable future for the fleet in terms of both economics and environmental responsibility.
  • To work to improve the perception of the fishing industry, attract new entrants and ensure professional standards of training and safety.

We have eight constituent associations within the Federation, with over 400 vessels within their membership, representing a wide range of fishing businesses, both inshore and offshore and catching a wide range of fish and shellfish species. The value at first landing of the Scottish fishing industry in 2018 was just under £0.6 billion. Scottish vessels account for 58% of value and 63% of landings of all fish caught by UK vessels.
Twitter @sff_uk