Lifetime Achievement Award

To be awarded to an individual who throughout their career has been a true champion of UK or Irish commercial fishing.

**The result of this category will not be determined by public voting. Instead it will be determined by a panel of judges drawn from the fishing industry, using all supporting evidence provided through the nomination process.**


John W Buchan, Peterhead

In the summer of 1972 – ironically as the UK joined the-then Common Market – John Buchan started his fishing career on board Fairweather IV, with his father, the late John Alexander Buchan. John William knew he had big boots to fill, and proved to be a very successful fisherman and skipper.

As the cod crisis intensified, he decided to diversify to deep-water species on the west coast, along with some 20+ other skipper/owners. JWB has guided his company, and the vessels it has operated, skillfully through a lot of adversity, where many others have failed. On his last trip at sea, JWB sailed Atlantic Challenge up the river Thames leading the ‘Vote for Leave’ flotilla.

He has now passed the skipper’s mantle to his son John Alexander Buchan, and judging by the current performance of Atlantic Challenge, she is in good hands. Those big boots were filled well, and John Alexander Buchan senior would be extremely proud.

Arnold Locker, Whitby

Arnold started fishing in 1970, becoming a leading and highly-respected trawler skipper. He was a founder member of Lockers Trawlers Ltd, and moved ashore full-time to oversee the fleet and expand Lockers Fish and LW Shellfish. Arnold served on the NFFO board of directors for 26 years, twice as chairman and twice as president. A stalwart supporter of the North Sea Cod Fully Documented Fisheries since its formation, Arnold has been influential in all aspects of discard avoidance policy.

He was a founder member and chairman of Alliance Fish Whitby Ltd, and the Whitby Fishing School, retiring only last year as chairman, and continuing as president. For over 20 years he served on the board of directors of Eastern England Fish Producers Organisation Ltd, as vice chairman for most of that time.

Arnold’s unrivalled enthusiasm for – and knowledge of – the industry have been of vital importance during his regular attendances at high-profile meetings such as: North Sea RAC, EU/Norway, Brussels, Landing Obligation, Post-Brexit Opportunities & Future Policy FDF Scheme.

Kenny McNab, Tarbert

A former Tarbert skipper, Kenny is chairman of Clyde Fishermen’s Association ensuring the best interests of its members are reflected in policy and practice. More recently, he was instrumental in the setting up of the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust. His knowledge is incredible, and he works tirelessly for the coastal communities and fishermen he represents. He gives of his time and advice freely, and always encourages people to get involved with fishing and wouldn’t see any of his fishing friends in need.

Sadly, he had to prove just what a tower of strength he is to the fishing communities of the Clyde, when the Nancy Glen was lost. Over the past weeks, he’s given every spare moment to do all he can to look after the families and the communities. His actions have been heroic.

A great supporter of the Fishermen’s Mission, Kenny also raises a lot of money for this charity, as well as local centres on the Clyde.

Denys Pascoe, Newlyn

Denys started fishing at a very young age, with his brother Thomas; a partnership that lasted some 35 years, until Denys suffered a heart attack at sea.The brothers successfully owned three ‘Huers’, from 15ft – 37ft. A renowned handline mackerel team, they used most other methods too, and were one of the first to use gill nets off the Cornish coast.

Following his first heart attack in 1998, it took Denys four years to return to sea. Now fitted with a pace maker/defibrillator, he has fished single-handed since 2002, in an open 18ft Plymouth pilot, Sprigs of Heather PZ218, out of Newlyn.

Approaching 70, his days still start at 3am in the summer and he is consistently the first to locate seasonal fish. He now targets mackerel, pollack, squid, and bass, all using hook-and-line. Denys shows great commitment and a true love for his chosen industry.

Graham Perkes, Brixham

Graham’s career spans more than four decades. As a deckie learner, he set about achieving his skipper’s ticket. In 1979, Graham was making his mark; searching and mapping new areas to fish, learning innovative skills to build an exciting catalogue of useful information, which would prove helpful in shaping the future of a growing industry.

Graham became an active member of the South West PO Association, Brixham and Torbay Fish (BTF), and Brixham Trawler Agents (BTA). He used his extensive knowledge to attend committees, talk about concerns and offer solutions. Graham has made sure the Brixham fishing fleet, and fishing in general, remained a focal point to the local area and community.

As his company, Seafield Emiel Trawlers, grew, Graham was instrumental in offering advice to those younger, or newer, to the industry. All have now gone on to become successful in their own rights, ensuring fishing remains an essential part of Brixham.

He isn’t boastful of his success, he just thrives on seeing the industry and the port he loves and lives in, continue to grow and flourish.

**Reminder: the result of this category will not be determined by public voting. Instead it will be determined by a panel of judges drawn from the fishing industry, using all supporting evidence provided through the nomination process.**

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