Lifetime Achievement Award

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To be awarded to an individual who, throughout their career, has been a true champion of UK or Irish commercial fishing.

**The result of this category will not be determined by public voting. Instead it will be determined by a panel of judges drawn from the fishing industry, using all supporting evidence provided through the nomination process.**


Jimmy Buchan

Jimmy has been in the industry for 42 years, and is a pillar of the community and a well-known role model to the fishing industry. His knowledge is second to none, and he works tirelessly to promote the industry, both locally and nationally. He has appeared on television and written a book about his life, both of which have raised awareness of what a hard job being a fisherman is. Jimmy has been an enormous asset to the fishing industry, and although he is mostly shore-based now, his passion for the industry hasn’t waned. Jimmy has two very successful businesses, Amity Fish Co and Skipper’s Choice. He is also heavily involved in the processing sector as CE of the Scottish Seafood Association. He regularly speaks at meetings and to community groups, extolling the benefits of eating fish and seafood, passing on his passion for the sea.

No voting is required – this category will be decided by a panel of industry judges.

Graham Doswell Halcyon NN 114

Graham has been at the forefront of fishing in Eastbourne and a true community leader for local fishermen for nearly 40 years. During this time he has worked tirelessly with others – including the New Economics Foundation – to raise the profile and funds to develop the fishing quay, and has been instrumental in obtaining a £1m EMFF grant and local development plans. He leads by example, works with others (whether scientists, fellow fishermen, regulatory bodies or NGOs), and has pushed for the development of the quay, which will guarantee the survival and flourishing of the local fleet. Down the years, he has put countless hours into promoting and representing local fishermen, and fully deserves some formal recognition for his work.

No voting is required – this category will be decided by a panel of industry judges.

David Fraser, Opportune WK 171

Caithness skipper David Fraser is retiring this year after a fishing career spanning 50 years, including 35 years in the wheelhouse of the Wick seine-netter Opportune WK 171. He has always been dedicated to his job and is consistently among the steady top-earning seine-netters. On leaving school, he started fishing from Lybster onboard the local seiner North Star. He then went to Peterhead where he became a crewman on Fair Isle. While he was up for his tickets at Fraserburgh, David was approached by the late Norrie Bremner and asked if he wanted a berth onboard Boy Andrew WK 170. He was on the first Boy Andrew as engineer, mate and then skipper, and became a partner in the Bremner Fishing Company. When the second Boy Andrew was built in 1986, he moved to Opportune. The same five crewmen have been with him for 19 years, which speaks volumes for his capabilities and personality in equal measure.

No voting is required – this category will be decided by a panel of industry judges.

Mike Montgomerie

Mike was a fisherman for over 20 years, during which time he was a shareholder on the usually Kinlochbervie-based whitefish trawler Sparkling Star BCK 264. Since coming ashore in 1997, he has worked for Seafish as a gear technologist, devoting his life to sharing his extensive knowledge with the industry he loves, and about which he cares passionately. He is widely recognised as a world-leading expert in gear technology. His approach is collaborative, working with the UK industry and fishermen to deliver real-life practical solutions, and he has been to sea on many fishing vessels, trialling and testing new fishing gear and modifications to help fishermen. When he started, his aim was to help fishermen catch more fish; these days, the focus is to make their gear more selective and reduce discards. Having spent many years at the Seafish flume tank in Hull, delivering gear technology training courses, running gear workshops, and providing expert advice and guidance to fishermen, he continues this work at the flume tank in Hirtshals, Denmark.

No voting is required – this category will be decided by a panel of industry judges.

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