New Boat of the Year: Pelagic

This award celebrates innovation in the build and facilities of a new pelagic fishing vessel that entered service in the UK or Irish fleets in 2018. All new demersal boats featured in Fishing News in 2018 will be included automatically.


Fiona K III T 117

The 27.5m multi-purpose trawler Fiona K III is designed to fish herring, mackerel, scad, tuna and whitefish on a seasonal basis. The flexibility this requires is provided by pumping pelagic fish over the stern and taking tuna and whitefish aboard at the starboard shoulder. Three RSW tanks are position aft of the vessel’s refrigerated fishroom.

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Girl Stephanie G 190

The 51.9m Galway midwater trawler Girl Stephanie is a virtual sistership to its partner boat Western Chieftain, apart from being powered by a MAN 6L27/38 main engine and Brunvoll 6.4:1 reduction gearbox. After being pumped aboard at the stern, pelagic fish are delivered to one of eight RSW tanks.

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Ocean Star FR 77

At 86.8m LOA, Ocean Star is the biggest RSW vessel in the UK fleet. Equipped for pumping pelagic fish over the stern, the midwater trawler features an extensive boat deck and stem cap. In addition to a Wärtsilä V32 main engine and matching two-speed gearbox, Ocean Star is equipped with two 8-cylinder Wärtsilä 8L20 auxiliary engines.

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Research LK 62

The 80m Research is the first Scottish pelagic vessel to be equipped with electric-drive deck machinery. Powered by a Wärtsilä main engine that is included in Guinness World Records for being the most fuel-efficient engine of its type. The Shetland midwater trawler is also the first boat in the world to use electric fish pumps.

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Serene LK 297

Fishing operations on the 82m midwater trawler Serene are carried out from the level of the full-length boat deck, where two 90t split trawl winches and two 111t net drums are located. The innovative two-level wheelhouse incorporates an integrated fishing system displayed on a five-screen video wall on 55in monitors.

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Western Chieftain SO 237

The 51.9m midwater trawler Western Chieftain is powered by a MaK 8M25C, RENK 5.556:1 reduction gearbox and a 3600 CP propeller. Two Caterpillar C18 auxiliary engines drive 560kWe generators. A CP harbour genset is also fitted. Two 61t trawl winches, split net drums and topline winch are positioned aft at shelter and boat deck level.

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