New Boat of the Year: Shellfish

This award celebrates innovation in the build and facilities of a new shellfish fishing vessel that entered service in the UK or Irish fleets in 2018. All new demersal boats featured in Fishing News in 2018 will be included automatically.


Atlantic Dawn CN 25

Four Caterpillar engines, including the C32 propulsion unit and a C12 variable speed auxiliary driving the vessel’s main load-sensing hydraulic system, are fitted on the 20.3m automated scalloper Atlantic Dawn. Deck machinery includes two 20t split trawl winches positioned forward on the main deck and two 10t Gilsons on the shelterdeck amidships.

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Debbie V FH 555

The 11.99m Debbie V is rigged to fish 6-7 scallop dredges aside. On tipping the dredges, the contents fall onto reception conveyors from which king scallops are selected. The towing derricks are pivoted off an A-frame positioned aft of the trawl winch and forward wheelhouse. Four Gilson winches are mounted on the wheelhouse roof.

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Mary May BK 8

The Seahouses fast-potter Mary May is based on a Cygnus Typhoon 40 hull. A 1.5t slave hauler and a gunwale roller are central to the potter’s self-hauling system. Central and offset hatches give access to the shellfish storage hold amidships which is served by a pivoting seawater sprinkler system.

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Soph-Ash-Jay 3 LH 60

The Cleopatra Fisherman 40 fast potter Soph-Ash-Jay 3 is equipped with a Seakeeper 5 computer-controlled gyroscope stabilisation system. This significantly enhances crew safety by eliminating up to 95% of boat roll. Shellfish caught up to 50 miles offshore are kept in optimum condition until landing in the 100+ box capacity sprinkler hold amidships.

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Sophy Rose BK 533

The Holy Island fast-potter Sophy Rose is powered by a FPT Cursor six-cylinder engine coupled to a PRM 2:1 reduction gearbox. A gunwale roller system and stern gate for pot self-hauling and shooting double soft-eyed D-section parlour pots ranging in size from 36in to 46in which are worked in leaders of 35.

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Summer Rose OB 141

The 20.3m automated scalloper Summer Rose features a new hull design specifically developed to allow a number of innovative new ideas to be incorporated into a fully integrated solution. The first installation of hydraulically operated horizontal towing arms positioned on the shelterdeck abaft the wheelhouse is a key safety feature on Summer Rose.

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Sunseeker II SY 102

Based on a Typhoon 33 GRP hull, Sunseeker II is primarily designed for prawn creeling using self-hauling and shooting arrangements. The extensive working deck enables standard 22in prawn creels to be worked in leaders of 80 when stacked just three high. Up to 60 tube cases can be placed in the sprinkler hold amidships.

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