Service Company of the Year

This award will recognise a UK or Ireland shore-based company that has provided outstanding service to the commercial fishing industry in 2018. Nominees could range from fueling and icing companies, to box provision, boatyards, chandleries, net-makers, auctions and vessel agents. We are looking for evidence of outstanding customer service.


Box Pool Solutions, Peterhead

Box Pool Solutions (BPS) started trading in 2006, to offset a monopoly situation developing in the supply of fishboxes to the industry. The company was then able to keep the price of boxes at the most competitive rate possible, and there has been no price increase for 12 years. BPS is unique in that it is fishing industry-owned. BPS staff take a great deal of pride in the service offered to vessels, merchants and hauliers, and they strive to be the go-to provider of fishboxes. This pays dividends, with the company having experienced year-on-year growth since it started trading.

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Jackson Trawls, Peterhead

Jackson Trawls has given a brilliant service, manufacturing top-quality nets for the fishing industry, for over 40 years. The wide range of bespoke nets built for skippers all over the UK and Ireland includes mackerel/herring/blue whiting midwater trawls, seine and pair-seine nets, whitefish trawls, and single/double-bosom twin-rig prawn trawls. The company is constantly working on new projects to try to make nets that are more sustainable. Equally, it is very accommodating if a skipper needs a quick repair, and can always be relied upon to get you back to sea as quickly as possible.

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John Reid & Son Ltd, Brixham

Family-run John Reid & Son has been innovative with new designs and ideas for scallop dredges and associated gear. It consults fully with skippers in all parts of the country in developing new gear and subsequently putting it to the test. The company’s ability and willingness to adapt to change and to come up with new designs and ideas stands the scallop fleet in good stead, and has also aided in more sustainable fishing. The dependable, friendly and helpful staff offer a good product and great service, and go the extra mile to help in any way they can.

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Karl Thomsen, Buckie

Karl supplies fishermen all over the country with a top-grade, quality product at the best possible price, and provides a service that’s second to none; nothing is ever a problem to him. At any time of day, or any day of the week, if you are desperate for warps, ropes, etc, he will get you back fishing as soon as he can, wherever you are in the country. Absolutely first-class service is provided, even at short notice; these are ideal values for a company that supports the fishing industry.

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The Real McKay, Buckie

The Real McKay is a fantastic haulage company that is always willing to respond, no matter how short the notice, whatever the time of day. One phone call and the owner will have a lorry on the quayside or fishmarket wherever and whenever it’s needed. The company’s distinctive refrigerated lorries are a familiar sight not only throughout Scotland, but equally on motorways throughout the UK, transporting not only fish directly from markets, but also filleted product, to customers on a daily basis. As part of a holistic transport service, vehicles returning to northeast Scotland frequently do so with full return loads, for the benefit of the entire industry.

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