Shellfish Fisherman of the Year

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To be awarded to a UK- or Ireland-based fisherman who has made a clear commitment to shellfish fishing in 2019. Skills, determination, leadership ability and adaptability to changes in today’s industry are all important qualities.


Neil Barnard, Rachel May LH 23
Neil Barnard trained with his father-in-law, George Gray. He had always been interested in fishing but when he started going out with George he got the taste for it and has never looked back. Neil worked for seven years on the creel boat Telstar, before buying his first fishing boat, Gratitude (now Rachel May), from William Whyte. Rachel May will be sold in May and Neil is currently having a new 26ft catamaran built by Audacious Marine. This is a massive achievement for the Cove Fishermen.

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Stewart Poland, Albatross BA 88
Having been at sea for over 30 years Stewart is a treasured skipper in the scallop sector. There are countless men who owe their knowledge and training to Stewart and he is widely acknowledged for his professionalism, gentlemanly style and his personal desire to see people do well and progress. His devotion to the industry and constant drive for improvement to scallop gear resulted in John Reid & Son Scallop Gear naming a dredge after him, and he now works for the company in its new warehouse.

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Dominic Welsh, J-Sea E 333
Dominic left school at 14 and worked on a crabber in the English Chanel. He saved hard and bought his first boat, an Orkney Strikeliner. From there he went from strength to strength and now owns the J-Sea, an extremely successful scalloper. He has excellent leadership skills, is innovative in using selective fishing methods to succeed in an ever-changing industry and believes passionately in encouraging youngsters to choose commercial fishing as a career. He has encouraged and mentored his crew, and has achieved everything through sheer hard work.

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