Technical Innovation of the Year

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This category is open to equipment manufacturers that have launched a new product in 2017 for an aspect of UK or Irish commercial fishing , demonstrating technical innovation and improving the day-to-day business of fishermen (e.g. fishing gear, technical support, safety equipment).


Gyro stabiliser/Soph-Ash-Jay-2 – John Affleck

Burnmouth skipper John Affleck’s Cleopatra 40 fast potter Soph-Ash-Jay-2 LH 60 is the first new fishing vessel in the UK fleet to feature a Seakeeper 5 computer-controlled gyroscope stabilisation system, designed to eliminate up to 90% of boat roll. The Seakeeper’s active control works as smart technology, automatically gauging the sea state and reacting instantaneously, allowing for optimal performance at all speeds and sea conditions. Essentially, the anti-roll system features a flywheel spinning at speeds of up to 10,700rpm inside a vacuum encapsulation sphere. When the boat rolls, the gyro tilts fore and aft, producing a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard that counteracts the boat roll.

Selective net grid – Phillip Reid

This completely new design of flexible inclined panel, developed by young Peterhead skipper Phillip Reid over a considerable period of time of fully-documented experimentation, is now proving to be very effective at separating Nephrops from fish, and releasing all undersized fish. It separates the fish species using a panel of square mesh netting held in the aft part of the net at an incline to the horizontal. The Nephrops fall through and the panel directs the fish upwards.

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