Skipper Jon Joule and the crew of the 24m beam trawler Sam of Ladram BM 188, the latest addition to the Brixham fleet, landed their first trip into the south Devon port recently on completion of a £1.1m refit in the Netherlands, reports David Linkie.

Above: The extensively rebuilt Sam of Ladram framed by a dramatic sunset over Brixham. (Photograph courtesy of Neil Edwards)

Since leaving Brixham in August 2016 as Lloyd Tyler BM 188, shortly after being purchased by Waterdance Ltd (part of the Greendale Group), the 46-year-old beamer has been extensively updated by Machinefabriek Luyt BV, at Den Oever, Holland.

The large-scale refit, part financed through RBS (Exeter Division), which also qualified for EMFF support through the MMO, resulted in the renamed Sam of Ladram returning to Brixham early last month as a considerably more fuel-efficient vessel, providing a safer working platform, with better crew comfort and with the capability to land enhanced quality catches of high-value species.

The recommissioning project was overseen by Rowan Carter (Waterdance Ltd), Nigel Blazeby (Blazeby Maritime), and Dave Langdon. Finance arrangements were through Martin Wright of RBS Exeter and the Greendale Group financial director Richard Church.

On arrival at Den Oever, Luyt Shipyard started work on the large-scale modernisation programme that included the beamer’s engineroom and fish-handling system/catch-storage arrangements being virtually completely renewed.

On removal of the previous Stork Werkspoor main engine and gearbox, work began to install a new Mitsubishi S12A2-MPTK propulsion unit and a Masson gearbox.

The shipyard also supplied two new Caterpillar C6.6-based generators, each delivering 125kVa.

Other work in the engineroom included installing two new Desmi pumps and renewing the complete deckwash and bilge systems in stainless steel pipe work, fitting a new Jensen fuel separator, and renewing the hydraulic system for the winch and bow thruster.

Similar large-scale improvements were carried out to improve the vessel’s catch-handling arrangements on the main deck, where a new fish conveyor, gutting table, selection bins and fishwasher were fitted, together with a newdelivery chute leading to the fishroom.

A new, safer and easier access to the fishroom has been built from under the whaleback, which also enabled additional space to be created for ice storage.

The vessel’s external appearance was also significantly changed, including fabricating a new aft shelter on the previously open stern, fitting new safety rails to the wheelhouse and whaleback, fabricating a new aluminium funnel and renewing the capping around the wheelhouse.

Below the waterline, a bulbous bow (designed by Ian Paton of SC McAllister & Co Ltd) complete with an integral bow thruster was designed, fabricated and fitted to enhance fuel economy and propulsion efficiency.

At the same time as Sam of Ladram was in the yard’s drydock, new keel cooling was fitted for the main engine, Caterpillar generators and the hydraulics.

Luyt Shipyard also manufactured and fitted a new six-drum single-purchase winch, housed in a new deck casing, and fitted a new compressor and air system, inclusive of deck controls.

More general work included cleaning and repainting the hull and superstructure, renewing all doors, hatches and cover, fitting a new stainless steel floor under the toilet, shower and hall, enlarging the galley to port and renewing the interior woodwork.

Sam of Ladram is the latest in a succession of beamers and netters from southwest England to benefit from the comprehensive range of maintenance and refurbishment in-house services Luyt provides. Other vessels from Newlyn and Brixham include Algrie PZ 199, Cornishman PZ 512, Our Miranda BM 27, Sara Lena BM 30, Silver Dawn PZ 1196 and Stelissa PZ 498.

Waterdance Ltd

Sam of Ladram is now expected to settle into fishing 6-7 day trips from Brixham before returning to the south Devon port to land. A significant amount of beamer’s fish will be sold through the company’s farm shop at Greendale, near Exeter, which continues to prove extremely popular with consumers since it was opened nine years ago.

Joining Angel of Ladram BM 55, Barentszee BM 361, Catharina BM 111, Kerrie Marie BM 172, Lady Lou BM 110, Lady Maureen BM 7, Margaret of Ladram E 198 and William of Ladram E 33, Sam of Ladram is the ninth Brixham-based beam-trawler now owned by Waterdance Ltd.

The well-established fishing branch of the Exeter-based Greendale Group bought their first vessel in the 1960s, since when the family company has steadily consolidated its fleet, which also includes the Newlyn netters Charisma PW45, Govenek of Ladram PZ 51, Joy of Ladram E 22 and Karen of Ladram PW 3, together with Becci E 73, Becci of Ladram E 508, Equinox BM 100, Emily J E 123 and Berlewen of Ladram PW 1.

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