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  • Christmas cracker crews

    Christmas cracker crews

    25th December 2023

    Ashore for Christmas? For Hull trawlermen, Yuletide trips were often an obligation – and were fraught with added danger. By Alec Gill Christmas was a time of conflict within Hull’s trawling industry. The clash was between love and money. Trawlermen…

  • North Shields: Pictures Seeking Captions

    North Shields: Pictures Seeking Captions

    29th September 2021

    Photographer Laszlo Torday documented the North East of England, including the North Shields fishing industry, for decades. Yet little is known of him – or about his pictures. Brian W Lavery reports… Day after day, year after year, he went…

  • New exhibition to focus on Hull’s fishing community

    New exhibition to focus on Hull’s fishing community

    16th September 2021

    The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther has launched a new exhibition depicting the human stories underpinning Hull’s distant-water trawling industry, its demise and legacy. The exhibition, named ‘Loss + Resilience’, is a study in photography and film by award-winning independent…

  • Hessle Road Remembered

    Hessle Road Remembered

    16th April 2021

    In 1971, photographer Alec Gill began to document the life of Hull’s Hessle Road fishing community, building up a collection of over 6,600 black and white negatives. Here he shares some of the memories evoked by his pictures… Having hitch-hiked…

  • Swan’s fishing history remembered

    Swan’s fishing history remembered

    2nd April 2021

    Joseph Kay, who spent the majority of his career as a fisherman, latterly as second skipper on the Donvale, shares memories of Shetland’s restored sailing Fifie Swan, and stories from those who crewed the Swan and similar vessels in their…

  • Hull trawler memories

    Hull trawler memories

    26th July 2017

    Sailing smacks and box fleets in the late 1800s. Hull trawlerman William Oliver reminisces. Above: Socrates is a typical steam trawler that fished from Hull in the early 1900s. (Photo: Dr Alec Gill) My first recollections of Hull Fish Dock were…

  • Where are they now? Fishing vessels from years gone by

    Where are they now? Fishing vessels from years gone by

    1st June 2017

    Our ‘Where are they now?’ feature provides brief histories, including build details, of a varied selection of fishing vessels from years gone by. Some of these vessels continue to perform successfully today, under different names to the ones they were…


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