• New Issue: Fishing News 05.11.20

    New Issue: Fishing News 05.11.20

    4th November 2020

      – 2021 TACs signal new era – MMO plans controls on five MPAs – ‘Bitterly disappointing’ decision on foreign crewing – ‘Remain steadfast’, EU communities tell Brussels – EU ‘privileges cheap imported fish’ – EUFA: ‘UK must lose extra…

  • Chokes dominate council

    Chokes dominate council

    1st January 2019

    Council moves to avoid chokes as discards ban kicks in Efforts to avoid choke species, particularly those with zero TACs, dominated difficult two-day December council negotiations that brought cuts in some important TACs but increases in others, reports Tim Oliver…

  • Brussels reveals 2019 TACs

    Brussels reveals 2019 TACs

    12th November 2018

    Gains and losses in 2019 TAC proposals Proposed TACs for 2019 show increases for 27 of the 89 stocks involved, 35 to stay the same, and decreases for 22 stocks, reports Tim Oliver Of the main stocks of interest to…

  • Stocks on the increase

    Stocks on the increase

    1st October 2018

    Scottish stocks up and mortality down – SSBs ‘at record levels’ says Shetland report Key whitefish stocks in Scottish waters have expanded dramatically over the past decade, and fishing effort is at record lows, according to a major new analysis, reports…

  • Hake choke will tie up North Sea fleet

    Hake choke will tie up North Sea fleet

    14th May 2018

    Scots minister calls on Eustice to act Scottish fisheries minister Fergus Ewing has warned that Scottish North Sea vessels will be tied up early by North Sea hake becoming a choke species under the landing obligation. And he says that…


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