• Pressure for bottom-trawling ban in MPAs

    Pressure for bottom-trawling ban in MPAs

    19th July 2022

    Fisheries minister Victoria Prentis has stressed the need to work with the fishing industry when deciding on restrictions on bottom trawling in MPAs, reports Tim Oliver. Some MPs are calling for bans on all bottom mobile gear in all MPAs,…

  • Stocks on the increase

    Stocks on the increase

    1st October 2018

    Scottish stocks up and mortality down – SSBs ‘at record levels’ says Shetland report Key whitefish stocks in Scottish waters have expanded dramatically over the past decade, and fishing effort is at record lows, according to a major new analysis, reports…

  • Trials positive on plaice survival

    9th December 2015

    Trials to assess survival rates of discarded plaice have shown significant numbers of the species do survive after being caught and discarded, reports Tim Oliver. Above: Handling of discards is one of several factors that influence survival rates. (Photograph courtesy of…


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