New Boat of the Year: Demersal

This award celebrates innovation in the build and facilities of a new demersal fishing vessel that entered service in the UK or Irish fleets in 2018. All new demersal boats featured in Fishing News in 2018 will be included automatically.


Achieve FR 100

The 24m dedicated fly-shooter Achieve combines well-proven seine net principles, including cruiser stern and round bilge hull, with modern technology. Thirty coils of rope are worked from two computer-controlled self-hauling reels mounted on the main deck forward. Two net drums are positioned aft on the main and shelter decks.

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Audacious BF 83

Designed for pair-seining and single boat trawling and featuring three decks, the versatile 27.8m whitefish vessel Audacious incorporates a number of notable firsts. These include a custom-built touch-screen vessel management Alarm, Monitoring and Control System, two sets of fishroom scales/labelling machines and two gutting machines.

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Caledonia III BCK 35

The 19m twin-rig groundfish trawler is the first new boat to be built, fully fitted-out, named and to run fishing trials from Buckie for a local skipper in 30 years. Caledonia III is powered by a Caterpillar C18 ACERT main engine driving a 2000mm-diameter propeller through a Reintjes 7.409:1 reduction gearbox.

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Guiding Light H 90

Featuring Mitsubishi main and auxiliary engines and a load-sensing hydraulic system, the 26m Guiding Light was built to pair with her sistership Guiding Star. A Kronberg gutting machine is incorporated into the vessel’s basketless stainless-steel fish-handling system. Three 2.5t flake ice machines ensure optimum catch quality.

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Jannetje Cornelis H 144

The 28.6m dual-purpose fly-shooter/twin-rig trawler Jannetje Cornelis features combined seine/trawl winches and two elevated split net drums. Catches of whitefish are bagged aft for delivery to a VCU fish-handling system. The vessel features an ABC 6DZC main engine, two Caterpillar C18 auxiliaries and a C4.4 harbour set.

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Joyful Spirit PH 29

The 11.95m twin-rig trawler Joyful Spirit is designed to bag fish over the stern, where two elevated net drums are mounted within the trawl gantry. The trawler’s propulsion system includes a Volvo Penta D13MH main engine, ZF 5.95:1 reduction gearbox and a 1600mm-diameter propeller.

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Kirkella H 7

Of 81.21m LOA, the factory trawler Kirkella features a fully integrated processing deck. The vessel’s state-of-the-art catch-handling machinery includes filleting lines, auto-ejecting freezing plant and palletising equipment. Two freezer holds of 1400m3 and 350m3 are situated on the main and upper decks. A third 350m3 freezer hold serves an onboard fishmeal production plant.

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Our David George BD 287

The 13.5m multi-purpose Our David George is designed for twin-rig trawling, beam-trawling and scalloping. A section of the aluminium shelterdeck can be quickly unbolted and lifted ashore to give access to the goose-necks for the derricks. Deck machinery includes a 3-drum trawl winch, three net drums and two Gilsons.

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Saxon Spirit LT 1052

Groundfish catches are taken aboard at the stern of the under-10m trawler Saxon Spirit. The three-drum trawl winch is positioned amidships on the main deck under an extended deck shelter. Two net drums and Gilsons are incorporated in the trawl gantry. 200 boxes of fish can be accommodated in the refrigerated fishroom.

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Stella Nova DA 57

Catches on the 23.99m multi-rig prawn freezer trawler Stella Nova are lifted aboard aft on the starboard side for delivery by conveyor to a selection table. The natural forward progression is continued by washers and dip tanks, before final selections of prawns are finger-packed into 3kg cartons in a dedicated stainless steel area.

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Tranquility LK 63

Featuring a extended forecastle deck and an 8m beam, the 27.55m Tranquility is the first of a new class of fly-shooter. Up to 15 coils of 46mm seine-net rope can be worked from the automated power reels mounted on the full-length shelterdeck, where catches are bagged aft at the starboard quarter.

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Uberous FR 50

The 23.95m LOA twin-rig prawn trawler Uberous is powered by a Caterpillar C32 ACERT main engine driving a 2500mm-diameter propeller through a Masson Marine 9.077:1 reduction gearbox. A Cummins QSL9 auxiliary engine drives the main hydraulic system and the EK Marine deck machinery via two Kawasaki load-sensing pumps.

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Vision IV BF 191

The 24m twin-rig trawler Vision IV features customised catch storage facilities, including a blast freezing room, freezer hold and a refrigerated fresh fishroom. The vessel’s deck machinery includes a three-drum winch, two sets of split net drums on the quarter and two single net drums served by stainless steel trawl tracks on the shelterdeck.

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