Trainee Fisherman of the Year

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This award will recognise the most outstanding new entrant to complete a commercial fishing training course in 2018. In particular, candidates will demonstrate consistently high levels of application, commitment, co-operation, determination, understanding of the fishing industry, practical skills and safety awareness.


Gavin Burnett, Ocean Endeavour PD 625

After initial training at the Scottish Maritime Academy, Peterhead, Gavin was taken on by John Buchan, skipper of the local whitefish trawler Ocean Endeavour PD 625, six months ago. John Buchan said: “Gavin is the best trainee I have ever had. He is learning quickly and is full of excitement about the job. He’s a great worker! He is a really keen young lad, and doesn’t need to be asked twice to do a job. He is also very keen on learning. Often he spends his time off in the net store developing his skills. He has the determination and commitment to recognise the importance of teamwork on a fishing vessel, and is always looking for the ‘big haul’ and the feeling of pride when all his hard work pays off.”

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Rory Brickley, Victory Rose WY 34

Rory’s enthusiasm and genuine passion for the industry made him stand out from his peer group during his studies, and he achieved some excellent exam grades at Whitby and District Fishing Industry Training School. Having completed the academic part of the diploma course, Rory was assigned to Lockers Trawlers onboard Victory Rose, where he has really started to develop as a young trainee fisherman. His can-do attitude and his willingness to learn new skills are giving him a lasting reputation within Lockers as a hardworking and committed rising star within the company. Due to his diligent efforts, he has already been offered a full-time position once he completes his studies in August 2019.

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