Owners: Tranquility Fishing Company Ltd, Shetland

Designer/boatyard: Vestværftet ApS, Hvide Sande, Denmark

Agent: LHD Ltd, Lerwick, Shetland


Length overall: 27.55m; Length reg: 23.98m; Beam: 8m; Depth to shelterdeck: 6.24m; Draft: 5.2m; Tonnage: 324 tonnes gross; Fuel: 36,000 litres; Freshwater: 27,000 litres; Lube oil: 1,000 litres; Hydraulic oil: 2,400 litres; Fishroom: 180m³ – 1,100 boxes; 10t ice


Main engine: Mitsubishi S6U of 680kW @ 1060rpm driving through a Hundested CPG 120-2 8:1 reduction gearbox to a Hundested VP11 2,780mm-diameter four-bladed propeller in matching high-efficiency nozzle Speed: 12 knots Auxiliary engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D7AT of 149kW @ 1500rpm driving Stamford 149kVA 415/3/50 generators; Beta Marine harbour gen set Bow thruster: Hundested ST 4 120kW

Fuel and oil filters: CC Jensen Bilge & deck pumps: 2 x Azcue CA 80-10 7.5kW electrically driven and 3 x Xylem Flygt 4in submersible deck suction pumps


Suppliers: Thyborøn Skibs and Motor A/S (Three J’s), Thyborøn, Denmark and Thistle Marine Ltd, Peterhead – 2 x 18t power reels capacity 4,000m of 46mm-diameter seine-net rope; three 2 x 12t split net drums; codend winch 8t; Thistle Marine – MKB7 short-post kinked-boom power block crane SWL 1,400kg @ 5.5mt c/w 2t winch; Thistle Marine – MFB 8 stiff-boom landing crane 8mt c/w 2t landing winch


Fish handling system: VCU Urk, Holland; Fishroom chilling: Lemvig Maskin og Køleteknik, Thyborøn; Ice machines: 2 x 2.5t Buus icemakers


Suppliers: H Williamson & Sons Ltd, Scalloway; Scanmar UK, Peterhead and TSR Electronic, Thyborøn

Fish detection: Simrad ES80 70kHz chirped sounder; WASSP F3i multibeam sounder; Furuno C-88 tidemeter; Scanmar net monitoring system c/w wing/symmetry, headline and codend sensors

Navigation: Furuno FAR-2127 and Furuno DRS6-NXT radars; 2 x Furuno GP-39 GPS receivers; Maxsea Timezero plotter c/w WASSP and DRS6-NXT radar modules; 2 x Sodena Turbowin plotters c/w AIS, ARPA, tide and charts; Simrad AP70 dual-head autopilot; Furuno SC-70 satellite compass; Weatherdock AIS Dhan buoy system; Furuno RO-wind anemometer; Furuno RD-50 display

Communications: 2 x Sailor 6310 MF/HF 150W DSC radiotelephones; Sailor 6222 DSC VHF; 2 x Sailor 6248 VHFs; Entel HT649 GMDSS handheld VHF; Furuno NX-700B Navtex; Furuno VSAT system; Iridium sat phone; Peitel PT510 GSM phone; Phontech 3101 10-station talkback system; Tron 60S GPS auto-release EPIRB; Sea Tel 80 satellite TV system


Seine nets: Thyborøn Trawlbinderi – 1 x 1,220-mesh combi net rigged on 4-, 5- and 6in rubbers; LHD Net Store, Lerwick – hopper seine with 608 meshes in fishing circle rigged on 165ft of 12in hoppers and 2 x 45ft of rubber legs; seine-net rope; VCU Urk, Holland – 30 coils of 46mm-diameter four-strand combination


2 x two-berth and 2 x three-berth cabins


Engine controls: SeaMech Seacontroller with two stations; Insurance: British Marine; Lifesaving appliances: Viking; Paint: Hempel; Steering: Scan AS, Hvide Sande; Wheelhouse seats: 3 x Recaro; Wheelhouse windows: Wigo, Holland


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