• Mersea oyster-dredging match: staying native

    Mersea oyster-dredging match: staying native

    27th October 2016

    Essex oysters were once all about Ostrea edulis, the native flat oyster found in huge quantities in the creeks of that serrated coast where the water quality and nutrient levels were just right, reports John Worrall Above: Gracie found millpond…

  • Commercial fishing in Hastings

    Commercial fishing in Hastings

    18th October 2016

    Located on the south coast of Sussex, Hastings is home to the UK’s largest beach-launched fleet and fishing community, reports John Periam Above: Stan Pepper and Robert Ball working on their nets at Hastings – this always attracts a lot of interest…

  • Mid-season lull for South Devon’s crab fishermen

    Mid-season lull for South Devon’s crab fishermen

    13th October 2016

    The two South Devon ports of Dartmouth and Salcombe host the region’s leading shellfish fleet, landing predominantly brown crab, much of which is caught on the rich grounds within six miles of the coast, reports Martin Johns Above: Alan Steer of Superb-Us…

  • Squid diaries – part 1

    Squid diaries – part 1

    12th October 2016

    In the first of a new six-part series, Phil Lockley recalls how he became addicted to squid. Thoughts of a good squid season may tempt more inshore fishermen to try a fishery that either drives you mad or converts you…

  • Sole of Discretion

    Sole of Discretion

    12th August 2016

    Fixed prices with Plymouth’s ethical fish business An ethical fishmonger business has been set up in Plymouth by Caroline Bennett who 20 years ago established London’s first rotating sushi restaurant – which is still going strong. In establishing Sole of…

  • Historic Firth of Forth Protest – 2001

    Historic Firth of Forth Protest – 2001

    9th March 2016

    Fifteen years ago this week, 168 Scottish boats formed a huge flotilla; a remarkable sight as it steamed under the world-famous rail and road bridges spanning the Firth of Forth. Carried out with military precision, the highly visual demonstration was…

  • Killybegs Port Profile – Pt 3

    Killybegs Port Profile – Pt 3

    9th March 2016

    The final instalment of our Killybegs port profile SNG supplies wide range of demersal/midwater/static fishing gear and safety equipment The well-known Killybegs company, Swan Net-Gundry (SNG) continues to meet high levels of demand from demersal, pelagic and inshore skippers for…

  • Killybegs Port Profile  – Pt 2

    Killybegs Port Profile – Pt 2

    8th March 2016

    Continuing our look at Killybegs port, with a picture portrait of this busy harbour Atlantic Challenge prepares to come alongside Killybegs’ new pier at dawn on a quiet morning. Fiona K II heads out in fresh conditions. Polyvalent trawlers berthed in…

  • Killybegs Port Profile – Pt 1

    Killybegs Port Profile – Pt 1

    7th March 2016

    KILLYBEGS LEADS THE WAY IN IRELAND Its location in one of Europe’s outstanding natural harbours, adjacent to major fishing grounds in the North Atlantic, means that Killybegs is synonymous with the fishing industry. David Linkie reports. Generations of continual re-investment…