Whalsay skipper Davie Hutchison and partners of the Charisma Fishing Company have signed a contract with Karstensens Shipyard to design and build a 75m midwater trawler for delivery in November 2019, reports David Linkie

Of 75m LOA, breadth moulded 15.3m and a depth to shelterdeck of 9.3m, the new Charisma will be arranged for pumping pelagic fish at the stern and feature a full-length boat deck and an extensive whaleback.

The design, specification and arrangement of the new Charisma are the result of extensive and close cooperation between the owners and Karstensens Shipyard. The main focus has been set on optimising working, safety and comfort for the crew, together with catch handling, storage facilities and fuel consumption. In order to reach these targets, Charisma will feature all the newest machinery and equipment, with suppliers chosen carefully to match specification and requirements.

Rapp Marine will supply a full package of electric deck machinery to the new Charisma, which will be only the second new build for the Scottish pelagic fleet to feature this mode of operation.

The extensive array of electrically driven Rapp Marine deck machinery will include 2 x 90t trawl winches and 2 x 95t net drums, mounted towards the portside in waterfall configuration, in addition to top line (70t) and tail end (44t) winches, 6 x mooring winches (6.6t), 3 x auxiliary winches (3.5t), 2 x anchor winches (8.8t) and 1 x netsounder winch (3.6t).
SeaQuest Systems Ltd of Killybegs will supply three deck cranes and fish pumps to the new Charisma.

Pelagic fish will be stored in 11 RSW tanks with a combined capacity of 2,350m³ to which two Johnson Controls refrigeration plants will each deliver 1,234,000 kCal/hr. Catches will be discharged using an Iris vacuum plant consisting of 2 x 4,200-litre tanks served by 4 x 87kW compressors.

A MAN main engine will deliver 7,200kW at 750rpm through a two-speed Scan Volda gearbox to a 4,200mm-diameter CP propeller running at 140rpm and 105rpm. A 3000kW shaft generator will also be fitted.

Two Caterpillar 3512B-based generators will develop 1628kW each. When in harbour, electrical supplies will come from two Caterpillar C7.1 gensets supplying 200kW apiece.

An 850kW retractable Brinvoll azimuth thruster will be fitted forward, together with a 950kW tunnel thruster aft. Charisma’s steering gear will be Rolls-Royce Tenfjord.

Fuel, technical water, freshwater and forepeak capacities will be 599m³, 145m³, 55m³ and 105m³ respectively.

The new Charisma will replace the owners’ previous 71m pelagic vessel, which was renamed Jón Kjartansson after being bought by the Icelandic fishing company Eskja last year. Powered by a 6000kW MaK 12M32 main engine, this vessel was built for the Charisma Fishing Company by Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk AS in 2003.


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