• Bobby Brown BEM: A life fishing

    Bobby Brown BEM: A life fishing

    16th July 2021

    The sea was in his blood – Robert Charles ‘Bobby’ Brown was born in 1901 into a prolific fishing family. His father Charlie and uncles were all fishermen, and he went to sea from the age of six. The family…

  • Bridport: Fishing For The Future

    Bridport: Fishing For The Future

    28th May 2021

    Sustainable fishing and co-operative working underpin the survival of this ‘Jurassic coast’ fishing community, reports John Periam West Bay, the fishing harbour at Bridport, is one to be approached with caution, especially when an onshore wind is blowing. In the…

  • Hessle Road Remembered

    Hessle Road Remembered

    16th April 2021

    In 1971, photographer Alec Gill began to document the life of Hull’s Hessle Road fishing community, building up a collection of over 6,600 black and white negatives. Here he shares some of the memories evoked by his pictures… Having hitch-hiked…

  • Ramsgate: Kent’s royal harbour

    Ramsgate: Kent’s royal harbour

    15th April 2021

    The fishing community in Ramsgate has a long history – but an uncertain future, reports John Periam  Ramsgate harbour, built between 1787 and 1795 by John Smeaton, has the distinction of being the United Kingdom’s only royal harbour. Like many…

  • Worfolk Boats: Classic Craft From The Wash

    Worfolk Boats: Classic Craft From The Wash

    9th April 2021

    Worfolk boats were built to last – and now another centenarian is being restored. John Worrall reports… Walter ‘Chappie’ Worfolk was a Yorkshire lad. Born, in 1864, in the small village of Stainforth near Doncaster, he was one of several…

  • Swan’s fishing history remembered

    Swan’s fishing history remembered

    2nd April 2021

    Joseph Kay, who spent the majority of his career as a fisherman, latterly as second skipper on the Donvale, shares memories of Shetland’s restored sailing Fifie Swan, and stories from those who crewed the Swan and similar vessels in their…

  • The master of the Girl Pat

    The master of the Girl Pat

    1st April 2021

    Exactly 85 years ago, swashbuckling Scottish skipper Dod Orsborne made a massive April Fool of his bosses when he stole the Grimsby seine-netter Girl Pat and sailed her into an 80-day, 5,000-mile chase that made him a worldwide celebrity. Brian…

  • Cordella: picturing the past

    Cordella: picturing the past

    20th February 2021

    In 1980, young photographer Alec Gill was invited to document a mackerel trip off the South West coast onboard Cordella H 177. Forty years on, he recalls the memories evoked by his pictures Deep-sea mission My camera is a passport…

  • Bringing the Viola home

    Bringing the Viola home

    17th December 2020

    She lies in isolated decline in South Georgia – but there are multi-million-pound plans to bring Viola, the world’s oldest viable steam trawler, home. Brian W Lavery reports Viola lies rusting, her mighty heart stilled, 8,000 miles from home in…

  • The boat is floated – the Wash cockler, Baden Powell

    The boat is floated – the Wash cockler, Baden Powell

    31st August 2017

    After nearly two decades of restoration work, the 34ft 6in double-ended Wash cockler, Baden Powell LN 138 (Fishing News, 2 February, 2017) finally returned to the water in the Bentinck Dock, King’s Lynn last month, reports John Worrall. Above: A team…


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