• VMS prosecutions concern

    VMS prosecutions concern

    14th September 2019

    VMS data alone ‘not enough to prosecute’ – Industry concern as system set to be rolled out to under-12 fleet With satellite monitoring of under-12m vessels (I-VMS) due to be rolled out soon, there is growing concern in the industry that…

  • New Issue: Fishing News 27.06.19

    New Issue: Fishing News 27.06.19

    25th June 2019

    This week in Fishing News you will find: –  U10 e-recording changes –  Brussels assesses discards ban –  North Sea cod cut fears –  BBC exposes illegal eel export trade –  Seawork international exhibition –  Rare albino dogfish caught in…

  • U10 E-recording changes

    U10 E-recording changes

    24th June 2019

    U10 e-catch recording to be phased in Changes to original proposal Electronic catch recording for English and Welsh under-10m vessels is planned to start in mid-August – but it will be phased in, instead of applying to the whole fleet…

  • East Anglia’s fishery

    East Anglia’s fishery

    28th March 2019

    Disquiet on the eastern front – but a sole consolation As Brexit passes from delivery through dilution to disMay, East Anglia’s fishermen are no longer holding their breath. They’re just trying to get on with making a living. John Worrall…

  • VMS for under-12m fleet

    VMS for under-12m fleet

    15th October 2018

    Vessel tracking for British under-12m vessels DEFRA to start roll-out in 2019 and Scotland in 2020 All British under-12m fishing vessels operating in English and Scottish waters will have to carry electronic monitoring kit, under plans put forward by DEFRA…


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