• Fly-seining consultation confirms further consultation!

    Fly-seining consultation confirms further consultation!

    26th July 2023

    Squid derogation to go ‘as soon as practicable’ – all other proposals deferred to NQS FMP The long-awaited Defra response to the consultation on managing fly-shooting within the southern North Sea and English Channel was included within its raft of…

  • Squid at record levels in Shetland waters

    Squid at record levels in Shetland waters

    24th January 2023

    Record numbers of squid are being seen in the waters around Shetland, according to an annual independent survey of commercial species. While haddock continues to be the most abundant stock, more than three times the average amount of squid (Loligo…

  • Fishmongers play Squid Game

    Fishmongers play Squid Game

    12th November 2021

    Fans of the ultra-popular Netflix series were given the chance to win free seafood – maybe even some squid – as the Love Seafood marketing campaign partnered with fishmongers across the UK for their very own Squid Game at the…

  • New Issue: Fishing News 03.09.20

    New Issue: Fishing News 03.09.20

    1st September 2020

      – Green pressure on Scots – First herring landed at Lerwick – New quay for Eastbourne fleet finally underway – No-deal Brexit looms as clock ticks – Scots government blasts UK ‘hard Brexit ideology’ – Temporary sea defences for…

  • About Time – Trawling in the Channel from Newhaven

    About Time – Trawling in the Channel from Newhaven

    22nd March 2019

    Newhaven skipper Neil Witney and crewman Darren ‘Daz’ Fox welcomed Fishing News aboard the under-12m trawler About Time NN 8, to view a day’s fishing in the English Channel. John Periam and Geoffrey Lee report Neil Witney has been fishing…

  • Squid Diaries Part 11

    Squid Diaries Part 11

    10th January 2019

    True or False Here’s the second part of a squid diary inspired by the BBC Radio Four programme, ‘In Our Time’, in which the myths and tales about octopuses, squid and cuttlefish were discussed by three leading scientists Led by…

  • Squid Diaries

    Squid Diaries

    27th April 2018

    Should I have gone to Specsavers? Most small-boat fishermen of Cornwall are going through the ‘famine’ part of the old saying ‘feast or famine’, yet the lucky few able to fish close to the rocky ‘edges’ in offshore westerly wind…

  • Squid diaries – part 5

    Squid diaries – part 5

    19th January 2017

    Phil Lockley cautions: “This will cost you!” Above: Have those jigs ‘caught’ me, or is that the range of gear I need? Through two years of lost fishing time (from arthritis), a recent replacement knee means that I am now ‘titanium-rich’…

  • Squid diaries – part 4

    Squid diaries – part 4

    30th December 2016

    Phil Lockley asks: “What have top-up cards got to do with squidding?” Regarding the layout and style of my squid gear, each year I have a new idea. Some go right and some are a complete flop. And the same…


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